We specialize in proprietary wealth preservation strategies & exclusive wealth accumulation opportunities.

Global Solutions provides solution-based, client-centric planning for wealth preservation and accumulation. Our team’s combined global experience and depth of technical knowledge results in pragmatic and proprietary solutions not found elsewhere. We pride ourselves on flawless implementation of hybrid strategies and our ongoing innovation in developing solutions that keep our client's needs at the forefront.

Our Values



Finding constant expression in service to others is the foundation of our company, and our duty in a people-driven business.


Trusted and

We attribute our company's success to our strong virtues and the security and honesty of our people and


Providing peace
of mind

Financial security is a significant factor of happiness, and we take that responsibility seriously as dependable and professional advisors.



Being creative, agile, and curious as specialists drives us to stay ahead of the curve with innovative, client-focused solutions.

Our Approach

Our solutions are designed, researched, vetted, and implemented to solve the problems where traditional advice cannot address. Our proprietary solutions and planning are always customized to meet various objectives.

Some objectives we often see:

Clients seeking to access funds from their corporations/trusts and being able to net a greater percentage compared to traditional planning.

Clients who have a founder or older shareholder who has significant gains accrued in their shares with concern around the tax impact that will come upon their death.

Clients who are facing the
21st anniversary deemed disposition of trust assets and not interested in distributing assets or cannot distribute the trust assets directly to beneficiaries.

Clients seeking to benefit from a balance in the Capital Dividend Account.

Clients seeking to sell significant portions of their companies and seeking to optimize their retention through effective planning.

Clients seeking to emigrate from Canada as cost efficiently as possible.

Our Process

Beginning with a meeting between ourselves, the client, and their advisors, we seek to understand the client’s position today, as well as their challenges and priorities. With the client’s objectives known, we create a customized solution utilizing the right combination of our advisors and our proprietary strategies. The customized, hybrid solution is always reviewed by Canadian and international advisory firms and modified collaboratively with the advisors and client before implementation.

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