Providing access to exclusive investment management opportunities typically only available to ultra high net worth clients.

About us

Global Solutions Capital was created in response to a marketplace need for wealth management solutions that bridge the gap between risk adjusted returns and tax effective portfolio management.

Our strategic partnerships with domestic and international managers, combined with our seasoned advisory team, provides the framework required for creating tax efficient solutions for our clientele.

Our focus is to ensure the accumulation and preservation of our clients’ wealth is managed in a collaborative manner with their existing advisory team, thereby creating risk and tax efficient solutions for generations to come. Our investments are exclusive to our firm and only available to our clientele.

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Our top funds

Multi Family
Real Estate
Syndication Fund
  • Tax effective portfolio management
  • Socially responsible investment management through philanthropic endeavors for community developments
  • 16% IRR
  • 92% return of capital within 3 years while retaining 100% equity within the fund
Venture Capital
  • Strategic partnership with one of the world's most recognized venture capital firm with an impressive track record matched by few
  • Bio-tech deals which are transformative technologies and disruptors in the medical industry.
  • Investing side by side with world class venture groups such as Google Ventures, Amazon Ventures, Meta, sovereign funds, Merck, M12, Social Capital, and other well-known organizations
  • Previous track record of 8.5X over a 20-year time frame
Pension Style Portfolio Management Fund
  • Tax effective portfolio management with world class pension fund managers
  • Strategic wealth management to capitalize on emerging markets
  • Pension style approach which results in consistent returns without the volatility experienced in traditional investments offered.

Our approach

The above funds represent only a fraction of our strategic portfolio management. We often find a need for hybrid solutions which are customized to meet specific client fact patterns. Our business process starts with us meeting with clients and their advisors for a conversational discussion of where things are for clients today, what some of their issues may be, what our offerings include and how we can strategically position their wealth planning for generations to come.

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